After a car accident left me paralyzed from the waist down, it was difficult to find a trainer who understood my needs.  It was great to meet Mel and finally have a trainer that would listen, and adapt a program so that I could achieve my goals.  If you're serious about getting in shape, Mel's your man!
Dominic C

Mel has been my trainer for over seven years.  He has also become my friend.  He will design the training to meet your needs.  He is very careful, so that you will not injure yourself.  The first time when I called him, I asked if he trained "old ladies", as at that time I was 65 years old.  That took him a back a little!  The point is, no matter your age or issues Mel will set up a training program to suit your needs. Mel Salada is an excellent trainer & comes with an advanced education.
Patricia R

Four years ago my father suffered a stroke.  Knowing how critical exercise is to his rehabilitation, I started researching local trainers.  It was our good fortune that I found Mel who started individual sessions with him.  Over the years he has not only been consistent with exercise but developed a strong friendship with my parents.  He even comes to their house for sessions when necessary.  Mel is a highly skilled professional and works from his heart.  He has been a tremendous support for my family and my father's recovery.

Lauretta M

"Mel's great gift as a physical trainer is that he leads by example--not by being a fine physical specimen himself (though he is that), but by being a fine human being.  He is compassionate, nonjudgemental, and genuinely optimistic.  With a quiet humor-filled persuasiveness, he inspires you to find that best part of yourself, and then to realize it.  Mel is not one of those guys who cajoles you to exercise by screaming aggressive challenges or informercial one-liners.  He inspires you to exercise the same way the best school teachers inspire you:  by believing in you so much, you don't want to disappoint him."
William P. R

"Mel was my PT for over a year at Better Fit Fitness in Sacramento, CA.  His sense of humor and friendliness kept me motivated to get up early and come work out before work. (and I am NOT a morning person). He figured out when to push me out of my comfort zone and when to let me feel stronger with existing weights.  I need a lot of variety in my workout so Mel added boxing, which was so much fun and a great stress reducer too.  Also, Mel adjusted my workout when I told him I was diagnosed with osteoporosis--he has a lot of knowledge about anatomy too!  I would highly recommend Mel as your personal trainer!"  
Leslie M

"Best trainer I ever worked with.  Mel is knowledgeable, consistent, and fun.  He has that magic that makes you want to keep working harder.  Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him is very lucky!"
Ann B